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Gym Clothing – Not Just a Fashion Statement

We all want to look great when we are working out, but the gym clothing you choose shouldn’t just be about how it looks; but how it feels too. It’s okay to purchase the latest trends as long as the apparel you buy feels comfortable, is not too restictive, and won’t cause you any harm.

Tank tops are a great choice when it comes to hitting the gym, as it will give your upper body room to breathe. You should go for one that is fairly tight fitting so the material doesn’t get in your way if you are lifting weights. If you find showing off your body in a tank top is not for you then choose a sleeveless t-shirt instead.

Another great addition to your gym clothing collection is a hoodie or a sweatshirt. Wearing one of these will help keep your muscles and joints warm, and can also help you lose extra pounds by making you sweat more.

The best type of clothing to wear on your bottom half is shorts. The best length shorts are worn just above or just below the knee. If you purchase ones that are too short you risk making a fashion faux pas, and too long or baggy could be a risk.

Gorillawear.com offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to gym clothing – giving you both style and comfort at great prices. What more could you want?

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